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I have a Small Business in Uganda. Does it really need a website?

Most Ugandans are not sure whether their small business needs a website. This is because they have misconceptions such as websites are meant for big businesses. Others say what they do isn't interesting enough to have a website in Uganda and some have no idea where to even start. We are giving you a start; tell us about your business and we’ll gladly open up to you.

Of what importance is a website in Uganda anyway?

You will only be sure that you need one after knowing 'why you need it, plus what we have to offer to ensure the best of quality. My question is, do you have any product or service you are selling to Ugandans, East Africans, may be Americans or even to the whole world? If yes, then you need a website! You can be a teacher or a carpenter. May be a property master or even a camera man. Here is some of what we have designed for small businesses and big organizations in Uganda.

Why does your “Ugandan small business” need a website now?

Having a website in Uganda 10 years ago would certainly only mean marketing. Today, the story is somewhat different. Having a website is valuable though having it designed by us is even more valuable. Below we list the top 5 core reasons small business holders in Uganda don't know.

1. You will get Access to a Wider Market

The internet has found its way into very many people's reach approximated to 12 million Ugandans today. 90% of these have once looked for a product or service online in the last 12months and this number grows every day! Having a website would mean potential to sell to anyone of those. This calls for a website that sells and that's our area of expertise.

2. The best salesperson: Your website. 

Imagine carrying all your business, regardless of where you do it from; Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, to the internet! The difference is that if your business is a shop that closes when you are away, your website doesn't close. It is open 24 hours a day and 7days a week. It is a 24/7 sales man that is ever representing your business to the world at large.

3. A website saves you money.

So You think you can't afford one but the truth is you can't afford not having one, especially if you are running a business in Uganda or East Africa.

When we design you a website, we can also show you better ways of marketing through the website and surely won’t be comparable  with a newspaper in terms of cost of advertisement. A website reaches a far way greater audience to promote your business yet very cost effective. We’ll also tune it with our 5 qualities of a good website to achieve the utmost results.

4. You move with your customers.

Yes! They are always informed about your products and services. They will know the arrival of new products and promotions. It's like a brochure but this time round, it won't get old since it's only a matter of updating your website. Which by the way is very easy too with our backend designs.

5. A website will save you time.

One way of saving time in business is having a website. With a Ugandan business website, you don't have to explain everything to your customers. With an online catalogue you can provide lots of information about your products and services. And you know what time is? Money! 

If you said you don't need a website since you are a small business, then it's mostly because you are a spying agency (obviously not true for a small business in Uganda) or you have a lot of customers you don’t care about. Wait, or you are making a lot of money and you don’t want more. Otherwise having no website means losing business!


We are ElitNex Website Developers, we have a website design to your specific business, and we can prove it. Mention your business, we’ll show you how to get the utmost online presence!


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