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Uganda - How Much is A Website Design? Pricing for your Next Project

This is a delicate one, often times when people ask about our designs, the very first question is mostly ‘How much?’ and now we have to explain to them the hoops and loops of how we determine the price.

In this question, what clients want is actually an exact price rather than an estimate even though they may ask for an estimate. Depending on the client and requirements, what you say as the price mostly determines whether they do or don’t listen more.

How we come up with the right price for your website design - For Uganda

This article has been written to answer some of you out there, and to ask you not to make a decision of your next website design all based on the price.

First things first. Let’s all agree that cheap is expensive, sometimes not immediately but soon enough, you will realize a cheap website design won’t get you far. We know this because we have worked with clients that have websites already, but asked us to totally redesign them.

What does “Cheap” really mean? What range of money is considered expensive? And how is it that some websites are cheap and others expensive.

In Uganda, we have got a hard time explaining these things, but sometimes people understand. And that’s what we want to do in the understanding of your specific website design.

The price of a website all depends on the website in question really. A website can go for as high as 7 million and still be regarded as cheap, while it can also go for as low as 300,000 and be considered expensive. This is in accordance to the resources, money, skillset and time required to get the job done.

Typically, we can’t have a static price for each website project. Each website will require different skillsets, resources, time dedication etc. So you need to first and foremost let us talk and understand your expectations, then we can come up with the right price altogether.

Talking is the most important part of a website design project as it’s what lay’s ground to the rest of it all.


We are professionals. and love listening to your website needs, let’s have a chance to show you what we can do for you, then we’ll see about that price.

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