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What is the Difference between Website Design and Development?

Website Design and Website Development are words that can be used interchangeably. Truth is, the two are not the same but, yes they are related in a lot of ways and will in most cases work together to get the job done.

At ElitNex (website Development in Kampala, Uganda), most clients that come rarely understand that there are two types of website creation. They all use the term “Website Design” and never do you hear “Development”; at least not in the first conversations any way.

Understanding What Website Design is;

In simple tearms, this is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the look and feel of webpages of a website.

Website Design is mostly attributed to how a website looks and feels to the users/visitors, this is usually the Layout, fonts, size, colors, graphics, etc.

Understanding Website Development;

Web Development is the core of Dynamic websites. This has to do with functionality and back end systems. It is the bells and whistles of a website.  Development may include database management, back-end coding among others.

  • You want a website designer If you are a small business and you just want a simple 3 - 5 paged static website.
  • If your website has to change/update content timely, includes galleries, items for sale, etc. You need a website developer.

Development is pretty much anything to do with a database or extra functionality on the website.

Best way to understand the difference;

Designers make it look good, developers make it function correctly.

As emphasized in a previous post on the top 5 qualities of a good website design, a poorly designed website won’t take you far. So you need to have your website well developed, as well designed for better results.


You need both skills (Design and Development) if you must have a real and outstanding website. Especially if your kind of website must be interactive and easily updatable without use of code.


We are Elitnex Website Developers and our team has both of these skills. We are one of Uganda's finest website developers and we are good it (12 reasons we are the right choice for you). Our designs are almost always satisfying to both our clients and website visitors.

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